About Us

- What we do?

Our store has been realizing successful digital projects since 2013 . Learn about the agency’s recipe for success and the important milestones of the company’s journey we are eCommerce base electronics house ltd.

- Our Vision

E-Commerce is increasingly influencing all industrial sectors and is changing entire business models. In the online age, the key to sustainable commercial success not a lies in high-end e-commerce

- Our Mission

We’re not talking about mission statements of what your company currently is, instead it’s, a vision is an inspiring, ideal future state. A vision is almost certainly not going to be 100% attainable.

Our Featured Services

The primary financial objective of the our company is to deliver long term returns to shareholders through a combination of sustainable growth in earnings per share and payment of cash dividends. Our company believes this objective is best achieved by continuation of the following strategies:

  1. Improving and developing our product ranges, success in which is measured by sales performance.
  2. Profitably increasing retail selling space. New store appraisals must meet demanding financial criteria.
  3. Increasing the number of profitable our Directory customers and their spend, both in the USA and through international online sales.
  4. Managing gross and net margins through efficient product sourcing, stock management and cost control.
  5. Focusing on customer service and satisfaction levels in both Retail stores and Directory.
  6. Maintaining the Group’s financial strength through an efficient balance sheet and secure financing structure.
  7. Generating and returning surplus cash to shareholders by way of share buybacks or, more recently, special dividends.